Sylvain MACHOT

As a passionate artisan and creator, my journey is a fusion of a natural inclination for building objects and systems and a constant quest for mastery of fabrication techniques and technologies. Coming from a family of technicians, I was immersed in an environment conducive to nurturing my creativity from a young age. My initial forays into the technical world were through extracurricular activities focused on technical and scientific subjects, revealing my fascination with the realm of design and fabrication.

This natural inclination led me to pursue studies in mechanical engineering. Over the years, as I pursued my academic journey, I developed a particular sensitivity to Art Nouveau and curved forms in product and building construction. This marriage of functionality and aesthetics deeply influenced my artistic vision. My professional journey then led me to work for fifteen years in the industry, where I gained rich and diverse experience. These years also provided opportunities to travel the globe for professional assignments abroad, enriching my worldview and artistic inspiration. Armed with this experience, I chose to give a new direction to my life by establishing my own business.

Today, as an artisan, I thrive in crafting functional pieces that carry aesthetic or artistic value. My goal is to marry technical excellence with the beauty of forms, thus giving each creation a unique and timeless identity.