The idea that form should not be constrained by material.

Atelier MACHOT combines technical skill, functionality, and aesthetics to create unique and singular furniture pieces.
Our love for detail and exceptional technical expertise ensure that each of our creations achieves a perfect balance between form and function.
Our creations are customizable and made to order, allowing each client to personalize their furniture according to their specific desires and needs.
Manufactured in France with locally sourced materials, our pieces reflect our commitment to craftsmanship, superior quality, and environmental responsibility.
Discover the excellence and originality of our craftsmanship, where each piece of furniture is a unique work of art.

We believe that material should never constrain form. Our design and fabrication approach allows us to surpass usual technical limits.
Each creation explores pure lines, where innovation and craftsmanship meet to offer a balance between technicality and creativity.
Committed to the environment, we use exclusively solar-powered equipment. Our photovoltaic field enables us to produce clean and sustainable energy, thereby reducing our ecological footprint.